Thursday, 2 July 2015

Women's World Cup 2015 USA into final

United States. and Germany may be the two best teams in the world, but its way to the final of the Women's World Cup was opened in penalty kicks.

A successful penalty Celia Sasic Carli Lloyd punished for missing their own pain, keeping the American dream to win a third life WORLD WOMEN Cup hers. Germany, ranked No1 attacking unit and strong tournament, seemed ready to pressure the United States ..

"We knew we had in us. This team was very confident and we did a pretty good job of blocking you," said US coach Jill Ellis reporters after the game. "We had every belief we could win this game and this is part of the spirit of the American player."

This semi-final was physical dynamics from the start - Alexandra Popp needed his head bandaged after a terrible accident - but it would be a couple of penalties that go a long way in deciding the game.

Annike Krahn desperately hip-checked forward Alex Morgan to the ground 68 minutes, drawing a yellow card and a penalty. Nadine Angerer guessed the wrong way and Lloyd ball home calmly slotted finally break the deadlock.

Germany Silvia Neid said correctly replays showed the foul was committed outside the box.

"Of course I am very sad that this penalty decided the game," he said. "What will I do if? The decision of an arbitrator is something we have to live with."

Germany had its own opportunity from the point 10 minutes in advance, but Sasic, tied for top scorer, spoiled his attempt at goal and deviated kick. Popp was worth after being shot by an abnormally unstable Julie Johnston.

"It was probably the worst nightmare for any defense. It happened so fast, "said Johnston." It was a team performance today and the team has really come to me. I really can not thank them enough and I think I want to thank all the way to the final. "

The Germans are deprived of a shot at a third world title, while the United States can set a record if he wins his third in Vancouver on Sunday. The USA will face the winner of England v Japan in the semifinals Wednesday night.

Although Ellis used a 4-4-2 with two strikers up front throughout the tournament, he changed things for the party in a surprise move, instead of going to a 4-2-3- 1 with Morgan as the only forward.

The role of Lloyd was an open question entering the game, and Ellis chose to give him what he wanted: a chance to walk through the array of targets, as German attacks central midfielders Brian Morgan and Lauren rub holiday . Lloyd has become essentially a second striker US, focused exclusively on the offensive.

It was a master stroke Ellis. Lloyd finished again the hero after his excellent performance against China a few days ago. She scored the penalty and established Kelley O'Hara for the second goal by dribbling his way through Germany backline in the 86th minute. His pass found an O'Hara launched against the target of Angerer.

O'Hara finish was as emphatic as it was ruthless, and it was the first time with the senior team of the United States.

"It is euphoric, to be honest. It was something I was not expecting it, "said O'Hara." I'm still kind of treatment. I am very proud of this team and as a sub I just want to help your team, but you can , bring energy to the game. "


The Americans had the better chances throughout the day, but Angerer Germans kept him in the game in the first half with superb saves to deny what should have been a pair of goals USA.

Seventh minute, the central Johnston connected well with the head a free kick to head the ball to the far post, but Angerer saved brilliantly with his feet. Soon after, Morgan refused Angerer on a breakaway one-on-one after a clever ball Tobin Heath.

Germany was shot USA, 15-12, but USA had five chances to Germany itself. Germany remained the possession of stretch, but his attack was unable to find a way through the Americans.

"It was an even game, but did not go ahead," said Neid. "We are not quite dangerous in front of goal."

Angerer agreed. "I do not think we give up, even after we were down 1-0," he said. "But at the end of the day, I think that the victory of the United States was today. "

Both teams were considered favorites entering the tournament and seemed destined to meet in the semifinals. Of the three times these teams have faced each other in the World Cup of Women, the winner has come to lift the trophy.

Germany had dominated the tournament this year, with the highest number of goals and the most shots of any team by a wide margin. Although his beating Ivory Coast 10-0 distorted the figures remained the strongest team looking to Canada.

The Americans have also progressed relatively well, but seems low on confidence. Since its victory over China in the quarterfinals, however, Americans are a wave of dominating football.

"This team is getting better, but we must remember that it is not the end," said Abby Wambach. "We have to win one more game."

This game is Sunday in Vancouver at BC Place. In this way, USA It will be hard to beat.


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