Monday, 2 January 2017

FIFA Women’s World cup 2019 Schedule PDF

FIFA Women’s World cup 2019 Schedule PDFThe FIFA Women’s world cup is just round the corner and will start on the 6th of June. The FIFA World Cups have remained one of the most awaited events for football fans since years. Whether you talk about the men’s game or women’s, FIFA Cup is a thing that hardly any football fan wants to miss.
So get ready for an exciting season of football as the greatest Women football players clash for the title of the world champions. It is the seventh edition of the FIFAwomen’s world cup 2019. Canada is the host this year and the matches will be played in six cities including Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa, Winnipeg and Edmonton. It is going to be a month- long event with the finals to be played on 5th July.

Japan is the defending champions and will try very hard to retain their place. The winners of this world cup will get $2 million money along with the total prize money for the entire cup which will be close to $15 million. As per FIFA Women’s World cup 2015 Schedule 52 matches will be played.

There are 24 teams participating in this world cup. The names of the teams are mentioned below:
·         Mexico
·         Colombia
·         England
·         France
·         Germany
·         Norway
·         Thailand
·         Cote D’ivoire
·         USA
·         Australia
·         Sweden
·         Nigeria
·         Brazil
·         Korea Republic
·         Spain
·         Japan
·         Costa Rica
·         Switzerland
·         Cameroon
·         Ecuador
·         Canada
·         China PR
·         New Zealand
·         Netherlands

The event is going to be super fun, so do not miss it. Tune here for all the latest updates regarding this world cup.  


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